If you’ve been considering cosmetic treatments there is no more important decision than the doctor you choose. Your safety, comfort level, and outcome is dependent on this. 

You can’t forget that aesthetic treatments are medical procedures that require extensive medical training and knowledge—as well as an aesthetic eye. 

There’s a misconception that cosmetic procedures are low risk. They’re not. They are controlled acts that only a licensed medical professional like a doctor or nurse can provide. You’ll want to choose someone who is not only trained to give you the best results but who also knows how to avoid complications. 

When choosing cosmetic treatments doctor or nurse, you’ll also want to look for someone who is going to be honest with you about what procedures will help augment your natural beauty. Their goal should be to help you feel more confident about yourself and your appearance. 

In this post, we’ll outline six considerations and a comprehensive checklist of questions you should ask when choosing your cosmetic treatments professional. It will help you find someone who prioritizes your safety, values your opinion, listens to your concerns, and makes you feel more empowered about your looks! 


☐ Does your cosmetic treatment doctor have the credentials to perform aesthetic procedures?

☐ Does the nurse work with a prescriber such as a Nurse Practitioner or Medical Doctor?

☐ Is the doctor/nurse continually upgrading their training and learning?

☐ Are they accredited with any professional associations?

☐ Do they have any other professional experience that might augment their skills?


☐ How many times/ how often has your cosmetic treatment doctor or nurse performed this procedure?

☐ Are they keeping up with the latest science for this particular procedure?

☐ Are they able to provide you with references or other patients who have had procedures?


☐ Do the results for the procedures performed by the doctor or nurse align with what you would want personally? 

☐ Are their results consistent from patient to patient?

☐ Do they have before and after pictures they can show you?


☐ Does spending time with this doctor or nurse come naturally or is the relationship forced?

☐ Do you trust them to give you the right medical advice?

☐ Do you feel comfortable asking any questions that you might have throughout the process?

☐ Do you feel comfortable disclosing all your medical information to this person?


☐ Is the facility clean?

☐ Is it a comfortable place where you feel safe?

☐ Do they have an emergency protocol in place?

☐ Do they use a safety checklist?

☐ Will you have access to the doctor or nurse in case you have questions, concerns, or medical emergencies/issues?

☐ Did the doctor or nurse explain the risks and realities of your treatment?

☐ Will you receive clear post-procedure instructions?

☐ Are follow-ups included?


☐ Is the staff friendly and helpful?

☐ Do they communicate clearly with you?

☐ Did you get helpful materials that prepared you for what you might expect in the treatment and post-treatment?

☐ Are the fees clearly stated before you start your treatments?

☐ Do you have a treatment plan that you can refer back to and update over time?

☐ Did they answer all your questions in a reasonable time?

Your choice of cosmetic treatment doctor or nurse will be a choice you live with for years. So we hope you will arm yourself with this list of questions so you can find someone who will help you feel more like yourself and gain greater confidence for years to come! 

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We’re here to help you feel beautiful.