I would like to introduce myself. My name is Dr. Christine Suess. I am an eye physician and surgeon who has been practicing medicine since 2001. I love helping people. I also love fashion and taking care of myself, my family and friends. I love learning new things and sharing ideas about making our lives better. A few years back, I started to notice signs of aging. At first, I was going to just accept it, but then I realized I did not have to. I feel young, and healthy and vibrant on the inside, why shouldn’t I look the same on the outside? I also realized I needed to do something for myself and not just for everyone else. So, I made lifestyle changes and started taking better care of my physical appearance. I started to feel better about myself than I ever did before. Of course, I wanted everyone around me to feel the same way I did! It felt great to do something for me. Take care of me.

As a physician I am always taking care of problems due to aging, injury, disease as well as poor lifestyle choices. Over time it weighs you down. I needed something different and positive that could grow and change with me as an individual.

Be Beautiful Medical grew organically out of these ideas and so much more! I enjoy helping the woman and men of all ages that come to me to help them with their skin care and aging concerns. I thrive on helping people look their best and the journey we experience along the way.

For those of you who I have helped, thank you for trusting me and sharing your journey. For those of you who I have not seen yet and are curious as to how I may help you, send me a message as I would love to discuss how I might help you.