Over the last decade or so, there’s been a significant rise in the number of patients who have turned to anti-aging treatments. Their goal? To feel more confident in their everyday lives.

Over time, the number of options available to them has also grown, both surgical and non-surgical. In this post, we will explore the differences between the two. And we’ll also dive more deeply into the non-surgical treatments offered at  Be Beautiful Medical. Our goal? To help you explore safe and effective anti-aging solutions that support you in feeling good and more self-assured.

Surgical vs Non-Surgical ANTI-AGING Treatments: What’s the difference?

Not so long ago, if you wanted to change your appearance and alleviate the signs of aging, plastic surgery was the only option. Now, thanks to advances and innovations in anti-aging treatments, there are non-surgical approaches too. It might be challenging to decide what’s right for you but to start, let’s do a quick comparison.

  • Number of procedures For those looking for a one-time procedure—a facelift, for example—surgical treatments are an option. When it comes to the non-surgical approach, you’ll require multiple treatments on an ongoing basis. 
  • Permanence The truly permanent solution is surgical and the results can last for years. The non-surgical approach has temporary results. Depending on the treatment, they can last two months to two years or longer.
  • Location You’ll need to head to the operating room to undergo surgery if you choose that route. For minimally and non-invasive treatments, your doctor will perform the procedure in the comfort of his/her office.
  • Time The actual operating and recovery time will very much depend on the type of surgical enhancement you choose. For a facelift, you can expect to have a one- to two-week recovery period before you can return to work. Non-surgical treatments, however, will take 90 minutes or less to complete and require little to no downtime for recovery. 
  • Risk Any type of procedure—whether surgical or non-surgical—comes with some amount of risk. But comparing the amount of risk between the two is very difficult to assess. It’s safe to say that surgeons and trained practitioners of non-surgical treatments are committed to ensuring your safety, no matter the procedure. All treatments—whether it’s an eyelid lift or a fillers injection—require careful consideration by both the patient and the physician. 
  • Cost  When you take into account the up-front costs, the aftercare, and the time away from work, there’s no doubt that surgical procedures are costly. Non-surgical treatments, however, are cost-effective on a treatment-by-treatment basis and require minimal to no time away from work. Aftercare is minimal as well. But you should be aware that regular touch-ups may be required, and that can lead to added costs over time.

Non-Surgical Treatments at Be Beautiful Medical: An Overview

woman surgeon pointing face

While you can’t stop the aging process completely, you can definitely use anti-aging treatments to keep your facial features looking younger and healthier. At Be Beautiful Medical, we have opted to offer a very tailored list of customized, non-surgical rejuvenation treatments. Whether or not you’re interested in the non-surgical options, we invite you to read on to learn more about the types of treatments available at our clinic.

The more information you have, the better armed you will be to make decisions about your course of anti-aging action!


What it is When we talk about muscle relaxers, we’re referring to Botulinum Toxin Type A. Injectable neuromodulators are the most popular single cosmetic procedure in Canada and the U.S. While there are many brand names on the market, Be Beautiful Medical chooses to use Botox® because its effectiveness has been clinically proven. 

What it’s used for Over time, we all develop wrinkles and fine lines on our face from making repeated facial movements like smiling, squinting or frowning. A treatment using muscle relaxers will block the nerve impulses to the muscles that lead to these wrinkles and fine lines, and force them to relax. 

What to expect As with any procedure, you’ll start with a pre-treatment consultation to make sure this is the right course of action for you, taking into account your medical history and your expectations. The treatment itself is straightforward: a tiny amount of purified botulinum protein will be injected into specific facial muscles. The sensation of the injection is similar to a light pinch. You can return to your regular activities after treatment but your doctor might caution you to refrain from exercise or strenuous activity for a day. In terms of side effects, don’t be surprised if you see minimal  redness, swelling, and bruising at the injection site.

In terms of results, expect to see the final look in 7 to 14 days after your treatment. 

A note for people who are going for their first treatment: Your doctor could opt to inject a more conservative amount of muscle relaxers and then ask you to return for a touch-up treatment. This two-step approach ensures that you’ll have natural results without the risk of over-treating an area.

How long it lasts There are several factors that determine how long the muscle relaxer treatments will last. These include:

  1. How your body responds to the treatment
  2. What area is being treated
  3. What product is used

In typical situations, results will last from 3 to 6 months. Along with your doctor, you can put together a treatment plan that might adjust dosages and refine techniques to make sure you get the look you want.


What it is Injectable filler treatments, also known as dermal fillers, use a gel-like substance that is injected beneath the skin’s surface. The substance can be made up of natural or synthetic substances. Since we like to look natural, our clinic uses hyaluronic acid fillers made with naturally occurring substances.

What it’s used for As we age, our face naturally sheds subcutaneous fat and our skin thins too. Both these things result in a loss of facial “volume” which can lead to thinner-looking lips, shallow contours, and creases and wrinkles. These dermal fillers plump up areas where there is lost volume and this results in a fresher-looking face. They can also be used to lift cheeks, chins, jawlines, and temples. 

What to expect Because there are many anti-aging products on the market, your pre-treatment consultation is key to getting the outcome you’re looking for. Your doctor will be best positioned to recommend fillers that will work best for your area of concern and will strategically inject a specific amount of filler that’s right for you. 

After your treatment:

  • You’ll likely see the results right away.
  • You may notice some mild bruising or swelling which should disappear within a few days. 
  • You may be asked to hold off from exercising or strenuous activity for a day or two.

How long it lasts As with all non-surgical treatments, several factors determine how long filler treatments will last including:

  1. How your body responds to the treatment
  2. What area is being treated
  3. What product is used

Generally speaking, naturally-occuring fillers, the type we use at Be Beautiful Medical, last from 9 to 24 months. 

Fat Reduction—Chin

What it is

Deoxycholic acid injection is the first and only injectable treatment in Canada that helps improve the appearance of fullness under the chin. This substance is made of a naturally occurring molecule in the body that helps break down fat. When injected into the area under your chin, it can improve and sharpen the profile of your chin and jawline area. 

What it’s used for 

There’s a raft of reasons why fullness under the chin occurs including:

  • Aging
  • Genetics
  • Weight gain

This condition, which many of us grudgingly refer to as the “double chin” is a very common and under-treated concern for many people, both women and men. It can make someone feel older and heavier than they actually are no matter how much they diet or exercise. Injection of deoxycholic acid can help with this. 

What to expect Your pre-treatment consultation will help you and your doctor determine if the deoxycholic acid treatment is right for you. If it is, our doctor will suggest a series of treatments customized to your needs. Your sessions will take place in the comfort of the Be Beautiful Medical office and will be completed in less than an hour. Your doctor may choose to administer a topical numbing agent to make the injections as comfortable as possible. Many patients who are treated with deoxycholic acid experience a visible improvement in their chin/jawline profile in 2 to 4 treatments. You may experience some common side effects including swelling, bruising, minor pain, and numbness. 

How long it lasts 

Your appearance will continue to improve after each deoxycholic acid treatment and many will achieve their best results within 2 or 3 months. What’s most interesting about this particular treatment is that the results are long lasting which means that once you’ve reached the results you desire, you likely will not require future retreatment. 

Do What Works For You

If you’re looking for ways to look and feel more youthful and vibrant, anti-aging cosmetic treatments could be the right solution for you. That might mean opting for a surgical approach or embracing the kind of non-surgical treatments we offer at Be Beautiful Medical. No matter what you choose, be sure you are well informed and only engage with trained professionals. In the end, you have to do what’s right for you—and for your face. 

Are you ready to try positive aging cosmetic treatments? Be Beautiful Medical invites you to discuss your options with us. We offer a wide range of cosmetic procedures using innovative technologies. Looking to get rid of wrinkles, plump up your skin, or rid yourself of your double chin? We can customize a plan for you. We’re here to help you achieve the results you want. 

Reach out to us today to set up an appointment. 

We’re here to help you feel beautiful.