For this month’s post, we’re turning to a guest blogger—one of our patients—to learn more about why she chose to get dermal filler treatment, placing her trust with Dr. Suess, and the effects of having an anti-aging procedure. 

Hi! I’m Melissa.

I’m 50 years old, married to my high-school sweetheart, blessed with two beautiful, full-grown daughters, and I’m soon to be a grandmother! I love to be active—running, swimming, and cycling are my jam. Being athletic gives me such a boost of confidence and keeps me mentally healthy.

A few years ago, despite my active lifestyle and healthy eating, I felt that I looked tired and much older than my age. How I looked on the outside didn’t match how I felt on the inside. I looked angry even though I was happy. I hated seeing photos of myself.

Turning to Cosmetic Treatments

I was lucky enough to connect with Dr. Suess in 2019 on the recommendation of a good friend. After several consultations and discussions, I had tried Botox to ease the harshness of my “elevens”—you know, the two, deep, vertical lines between my eyes—and started using hyaluronic acid to stimulate collagen production, decreased the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and to improve the texture to my skin. 

Before meeting Dr. Suess, I would have not considered any of these things. I thought that cosmetic treatments were for wealthy people and that the products would be harmful, irreversible and lead to unnatural results. What I’ve learned is that this simply isn’t true for a few reasons.

Dr. Suess is not interested in giving her patients oversized lips and exaggerated facial features. Her work is very natural and balanced and focuses on enhancing the natural beauty of her patients. And because she has extensive medical training and experience as an eye surgeon, I know her standard of safety is of the utmost importance. For me, having a medically qualified practitioner for my treatments was essential. 

Deciding on Dermal Fillers

I was really noticing a loss of volume in my cheeks and that it was causing lines around my mouth. These nasolabial folds and marionette lines were becoming more pronounced; I also saw sagginess in my jawline. 

In 2020, I started working at Be Beautiful Medical as the Confidence Coordinator, assisting Dr. Suess and helping patients discover their true beauty. That’s when I learned what dermal fillers could do and started considering it for myself. Before then, I thought it was out of reach for someone like me.

Through my work, I saw that dermal fillers could help plump up areas where there was volume loss. I had witnessed the positive effects of fillers on our patients. Post-treatment, they looked like they had returned from the most relaxing vacation.  I wanted that more restful, healthy look too! But before talking to Dr. Suess, I did some research on my own so that I could be prepared with questions for my initial consultation.

Dermal FillerS Day!

By March 2021, after doing a consultation and having all my questions answered by Dr. Suess, I was ready to take the plunge. I confidently booked my appointment.

Dr. Suess gave me some pre-treatment instructions including the following:

  • Stop taking Omega-3 supplements two (2) weeks prior to the procedure
  • Cease using Retinol five days before the procedure
  • Do not have dental work two weeks before the procedure

I followed these directives diligently and showed up for my appointment with a clean, product-free face. 

As I laid down on the comfortable spa chair, I didn’t really have any fears. Instead, I was filled with excitement and curiosity about how the procedure might feel. 

Dr. Suess started the appointment by going through her safety checklist, making sure she had everything she needed, and then cleaned my face and made marks on my face with a makeup pencil to help guide her when it came time to do the injections. Then I was given a frozen ball of ice to place on my face to reduce any discomfort from the initial injection and to help reduce bruising. 

Then it was time to start!

I held a vibration device against my skin—a tool used to distract the nerves and lessen any sensations of pain—and Dr. Suess inserted the first needle in my left cheek. It was uncomfortable at first but it came from the injection, not the filler. In fact, the filler didn’t really hurt since it contains lidocaine, a numbing agent. After completing my left cheek, Dr. Suess injected the filler on my right one. Fifteen minutes later, the injections were complete!

Dr. Suess put some post-injection serum to help with healing, swelling, and bruising. I looked in the mirror and though my skin was flush and slightly swollen, I was impressed. There were no visible signs of injections and I looked lifted and plump. I was able to walk out to the appointment feeling happy and younger looking.

For the next 72 hours, I continued to apply the serum, and avoided strenuous exercise and any activity that might raise my blood pressure. After 72 hours, the swelling was mostly gone. The slight tenderness I felt on my cheeks subsided in about four days. And within a month, the filler completely “settled”, meaning it incorporated entirely in the area under my skin.

Looking happy, feeling good

Fillers gave me back the vibrancy I had lost over the years. I now feel that my face is plump, supported, and balanced.

Here’s a before-and-after comparison:



I wouldn’t hesitate to tell my friends and family about this experience, especially if they’re finding that they don’t look the way they feel. But I would make sure they were doing it for themselves—not to impress anyone else.

For me, this treatment was about self-care. It’s pretty simple: the more I take care of myself, the better I feel. And dermal fillers were just what I needed to give a boost to my face—and my self-esteem!

Are you curious to learn more about dermal fillers and other age-defying treatments offered at Be Beautiful Medical? Read this or reach out to us to book a free consultation!

We’re here to help you feel beautiful.