PCA Skin

PCA SKIN breaks the mold of the traditional approach to skincare by focusing on targeted solutions for condition-specific skin problems. Their simplified approach concentrates on powerful correctives, paired with low to high intensity professional products to provide effective solution for every skin type: aging, acne, discolouration, sensitive skin and even preventive care. These daily care products and professional treatments were specifically selected as a simple foundation to our broad and highly customizable skincare line that has something for everyone’s unique skin type and concerns.


Daily care products

We don’t just cover up imperfections on the surface.

Each PCA SKIN product is scientifically formulated to target troublesome skin conditions using a progressive, not aggressive, philosophy. Healthy skin is beautiful skin. Formulations free of synthetic dyes and other known sensitizers, consistently delivers safe, effective results without irritation. Follow a skincare regimen with PCA SKIN daily care products in conjunction with regular PCA SKIN professional treatments to achieve optimal results. Ask us today to customize a regimen specifically for you.

Professional treatments

PCA SKIN’s professional treatments are scientifically formulated to gently stimulate, firm and tighten skin. Clinically researched formulations help reduce the appearance of surface lines and wrinkles, smooth rough skin texture, calm skin, improve uneven skin tone and assist in clearing complexions without the downtime.

These progressive in-office treatments complement PCA SKIN daily care products to speed the process toward visible, proven results. Ask us today, for the perfect combination of PCA SKIN professional treatments and daily care products to dramatically improve skin for a more beautiful complexion.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, even those with oily skin need a daytime moisturizer with a minimum SPF of 30 and a non-oily nighttime moisturizer. A deficiency of moisture will typically lead to an overproduction of oil, which would worsen your condition.



Retinoic acid—a form of vitamin A—is available by prescription only and, although effective, it can cause irritation on some skin. Retinol is another form of vitamin A that is converted into retinoic acid in the skin, making it a gentler alternative for daily use. Retinol only causes flaking when used at high percentages. Well-formulated daily use retinol products won’t make you peel and can induce dramatic changes in the skin.


Yes, sun protection should be part of a daily regimen for all skin types and conditions. Both UVA and UVB rays are known causes of skin cancer, and although UVB rays may be more prominent during the peak sun hours, UVA rays remain constant year-round, throughout the day, and penetrate glass and most clothing.


Breakouts are becoming a more common skin challenge in adults, and are often caused by hormone fluctuations, menopause or stress, especially in women. As skin ages, hydration decreases; therefore, it is critical to choose products to address adult breakouts that are not too drying. This skin condition varies among age groups and should be treated accordingly.

Adolescence is a great time to begin a daily skincare regimen. The introduction of a gentle cleanser, sunscreen and nighttime hydrator will assist in maintaining healthy skin, preventing the onset of certain skin conditions and helping to form beneficial habits, such as daily SPF application.

Freckles that have been present since early childhood are part of your genetics. While professional treatments and daily care products will help correct freckling from sun damage, freckles that are part of your hereditary background will always resurface.