Several months ago, I published a guest blog post on dermal fillers. We got lots of positive feedback from our readers. What they appreciated, they told us, was reading and learning about the treatments. It gave them the opportunity to consider whether or not it was something they might want to have for themselves. In the interest of offering more helpful information about the treatments we offer, we’re diving into Botox® treatments!

What is Botox exactly?

Botox is an injectable neuromodulator which is a fancy way of saying ‘muscle relaxer’. From all the smiling, squinting, and frowning we do throughout our lifetime, we all develop wrinkles and fine lines on our faces as we age. Botox will block the nerve impulses to the muscles that lead to these little lines, and force them to relax.

Botox is made up of Botulinum Toxin Type A. While the word “toxin” might scare you, you should know that it has been studied extensively and millions of women and men have had this injectable treatment—and not only for wrinkle management but also for migraine, excessive sweating, and TMJ, among many other conditions. I think it’s important to understand that Botox is injected in small, controlled amounts. In rare cases, patients reported adverse effects. 

What areas can Botox treat?

As we mentioned, Botox treatments are very versatile. For our clinic’s purposes, we use it to treat areas on the face. 

What can you expect if you want to get BOTOX treatments?

When you contact Be Beautiful Medical, we set you up with a pre-treatment consultation to make sure that Botox is the right course of action for you. We review your expectations and your medical history. If you choose to move ahead, we’ll book you in for the procedure. Your appointment will take anywhere from 15-30 minutes depending on the extensiveness of the treatment.

The procedure is straightforward: I’ll inject a tiny amount of purified botulinum protein, Botox, into the specific facial muscles that you want to relax. The injection itself will feel like a slight pinch.

One thing to note: If you’ve never had Botox before, I might choose to inject a more conservative amount and ask you to return for a touch-up treatment. This two-step approach allows us to gauge the results and ensure more natural-looking results.

Is there much downtime after a Botox TREATMENT?

No. You can resume regular activities but I’ll caution you to avoid exercise or strenuous activity for that day only.

What are normal side effects?

You shouldn’t be surprised to see some minor redness, swelling, or bruising at the injection site. 

Can you tell me more about the results?

After your Botox treatments, you can expect to see the final look in seven to 14 days after your treatment. Several factors determine how long the results will last including how your body responds and what area is treated. For most people, the results will last for three to six months. If you choose to repeat the process after your initial visit, we can put together a treatment plan that can adjust dosages and refine techniques.

Is it worth the cost?

There is no easy answer to this question because you might have a different view of value than someone else. Botox treatments are $10 per unit and most patients need between 20 to 60 units to complete their entire treatment plan. At the end of your treatment plan, you can evaluate if you’re happy with the results and if you’d like to continue with your Botox injections. If they make you feel refreshed, then the answer might be yes!

Are you ready to open a discussion about your medical aesthetics journey? Reach out to us to book your free consultation.

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